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Gratis bloggen bei

Tournoël is a very nice and cozy castle in the Volvic Region (Yep - the very one where the mineral water comes from) - and is a castle of private property.
The owner started to rebuild the inside, and there are new floors, roofs, a working oven, fireplaces - well - a working castle!

The Brigandalha del Sènher de Vaùs was organising there a very fine event - it was really lovely, and we (Some members & recruits of the CoStGo) had a great time there, and enjoyed every minute (especially the Thursday night ;-))

There are some pictures of the event - on the Brigandalhas Blog:
Pictures to Tournoël Event
1.6.06 10:42

Some more nice pictures from the picnic:

One is the "Travel-Outfit":
It comes with a Spencer, a huge white Fichu, and red gloves (but they're not visible on this pic)

A the backview: As the dress is closed in the front, the back is very neat and small - but with lots of skirt fabric!
This look of holding a train can be seen on myn 1790ties sketches.

And now - a picture of the whole groupe. Maybe you recognise Natascha and Aniela, the lovely Pieds Gauches Ladies :-)

I tried to play a bit with the Photo Editor to get a closer shot of my Coiffure à la greque:

And a very nice walk with Don, an English Gentleman:

24.5.06 16:17

After a rather long "shall - shan't -shall - shan't" thinking after and about period I did attend the Regency Picknick what was held by Regnum Animi in Southern Germany. The visit led us to the very beautiful gardens of the Landhaus Ettenbühl. Unfortunately, it was too early in the year, only a few roses and paeonias were open yet. (last winter was very long and very cold).
Some of the pictures taken there are already online, please follow the link:http://www.regnum-animi.de/gallery/album05

As it was (at least for me) and ad-hoc decision to attend or not to attend (I was ill again with headaches on Saturday, and couldn't even go to the Spring Dance of the Berne Scottish Country Dance Club), I had nothing new to wear...
But a ball dress on a garden party?
It all went well, but I was helding my train uf all day!

Interesting, how different accessories colors change the whole appearance! (I personally have to say - I like the reddish look of yesterday better than the sky blue scarf, but it's probably a question of the mood of the day)

22.5.06 09:22


It is unbelievable - and I am very happy - but:
We (Aniela, Eva, Natascha and myself) are in the
FEATURED ATTYRE of Jennifer Thompsons "a Festive Attyre"

18.4.06 18:02

some Venezia Pics

Together with David Cooke of the Pieds Gauches in the Entrance of Palazzo Zenobio - something to discuss

On stage at Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square)
The dance is the "Bouffons" during the "bastion"-sequence

And - me and Kiera repeating the Allemande in the courtyard of Palazzo Zenobio (well, all were repeating the Allemande, we are just in the front)

7.4.06 11:33

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