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Who am I? And what am I doing here?

I am called different names - Flavia in Roman Period, Hitomi by Japanese friends, Alessandra by Ren-People and sometimes all simply "Sandra". But somehow I am proud to be the only "Hitomi" in Swiss 15th century Re-enactment :-)

I do love making period costumes, but I'd like to wear them as well. If a gown can't stand a day full of dance, it isn't worth the work put into it.

Therefore: I am mainly working on middle-class medieval and upper middle-class early and high renaissance gowns.
My aim is to represent a guildworker of a prospering medieval city

The only exeption are the Roman costumes: I am working on a stunning silk tunic! not at all for a soldiers focaria, but for a real upper class lady ;-)


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