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Gratis bloggen bei

Well - Jen Thompson \'s right: There are easygoing possibilities for making Diaries, there is no excuse any longer!

Well, Ms Thompson - here we are!

Today I am starting a small Blog about my historical costumes, what are mostly 15th Century Swiss and early 16th Century Renaissance.

And it starts with my very first 16th Century gown:
My green Florentine gown
29.7.04 11:32

Today I added two simple medieval dresses:

my green 15th Century dress and the red 13/14th Century dress

I will write additional articles about the accessories, like the veils and "Wulsthaube" - but - Alas - not so much time as I would like to have!

And my "about" page disappeared again :-( Now I have to rewrite it... Now I am a bit "grognon"
30.7.04 15:41

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