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Gratis bloggen bei

And off we go - 21st August it is a medieval festival in Grandson, Switzerland and I\'d love to have a new dress until that date..

my medieval"dream-dress" was always blue - and as I had some nice blue linnen at home, I didn\'t need much more to start with.

I already tried it on in Estavayer, but had to make several changes..

Well - and here we are - Diary time again - take up the tools, steady - go!
13.8.04 10:56

And - finally another update on the red 15th Cent Article.. Have I ever mentioned, that I am quite slow?

13.8.04 13:11

And quite sad news again - INC isn\'t working any longer as a group - our Renaissance group splitted up last week, and Anna will use the Homepage for her own projects now..

A real pity - but I do understand why she did it.
Anyway - we are right now searching a new name to go on -
Do you have an idea?

I will leave the links as they are at the moment, I\'ll go over them a bit later...

a picture from last years journey:

Taken at the portals of Santa Maria del Fiore, the famous Duomo in Firenze!

(And please - ignore my dress! I know, it looked horrible!!)
13.8.04 13:17

Added a little article, what\'s got nothing to do with Renaissance clothing... ;-)
13.8.04 14:25

And a little article about the "Gefrens" - a funny little accessory, but often forgotten! ;-)
13.8.04 14:40

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