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Gratis bloggen bei

While searching for pictures for an 1505 man\'s outfit (my sweetheart wishes to visit with me the Ren-Ball in Aigle) I stumbled over this picture by Bronzino:

Do you see, what I see? The gown makes horizontal pleats! Did the lady forgot to bone, or to tape? or do I just see something a bit strangely?
3.9.04 09:31

Saturday I assisted on the JAPAJ, an archeological trial day. The poor lads had to sheer a sheep, to wash the wool, to card and to spin it. I was "La Fileuse", the instructor at the "How to spin wool" stand..

There where musicians as well, and we had time for a little dance:
6.9.04 10:41

And a new Photo on the simple red med dress page. My sister took it at this springs "Castle-Tour"
10.9.04 08:47

La Muta

Call me insane, but I started a nice project, what will keep me busy all winter, I guess...

I did fell in love with the attyre of La Muta already a long time ago, but I was always a bit scared of to start. Now with Bess\' embroidered smock I told myself: There is a picture of an Italian smock - a real one. There is no longer a reason not to start..

15.9.04 11:16

And I\'ve got the link to a very good article:
Camicia Research
20.9.04 12:25

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