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Gratis bloggen bei

Thanks to my dear friend Caterina, I did fell in love with yet another style.. the Northitalian/Austrich 1400's - as displayed in the wonderful fresco's of the Runkelstein-Castle

I just think, they look so comfy, and it must be wonderful to dance a Manfredina or an Estampie in such a dress!!!

Or even as a Festival wear... Oh my - Caterina, what are you driving me into?
16.12.04 18:16

Waily-waily - Caterina and my wee self are now blogging the "Runkelstein" issue together!
Please check on Our Runkelstein-blog for the next updates :-)
23.12.04 09:56

The Runkelstein Dresses have now their own home, and I will concentrate a bit more on the actual projects.

- Always in work are several dresses for the 15th century, as they are useful, and rather quickly sewn.
I now gathered a little collection together, as I do find it rather dull always to search at the Web Gallery of Art if I would like to check someting.

You will find the link on your left side, called Rogier van der Weyden - Picture and Cut Research

- Still in the "start-position": La Muta. I am working on the hemp-cord-corset, but with my moving plans it got quite delayed... But I hope, I'll finish the corset in January, and can move over to the dress itself!

- For Venice Carneval (Last Weekend in January, with the Les Pieds Gauches, Medieval Dance Group ) , I will need something warm, if I can fetch some rabbit fur, my Schaube will get a nice warm collar.

- My sweethearts outfit needs some corrections... He already ruined the trousers, I am working on another pair, this time in a very strechy wool twill. It is still unsure, if he will come with us to Venise

- Finally an update at the !blue dress .. but I now the bodice needs _another_ change!
28.12.04 16:07

I just can't be without.... sewing

Wednesday evening I started a wee "Weydinchen" a dress after a van der Weyden Painting.

Plan: 4 parts, perhaps some gores, but there I am not quite sure.
Now there are hanging quite nicely on the stand - basting is halfway done, now it is time to....?
Exactly: To fit - after the really good description given on La Cotte Simple, by Tasha Kelly McGann
30.12.04 17:02

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