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Gratis bloggen bei

Okay - looks like the fitting is done!

Sounds quite easygoing - but was quite nasty...
Try on, pin down, hang it on the Dress Model, bast it.
Try again, pin off another bit, hang it over, bast again.
Repeat for about 4 more time. Then: All fitted, all basted!

And the really nice discovery: I didn't had to baste the sides: The lacing ist front _and_ sides!!
On the picture the side lacing is clearly visible!!

Now its time for needle and linnen thread!
3.1.05 12:20

To avoid confusions: I am talking about this dress:

the side lacing is faintly visisble...
3.1.05 12:41


There it is: A brighter shot of the dress!!!

3.1.05 16:08

And that is a really really nice link!

3.1.05 16:16

1 step forward = 2 steps backward....

I sew a nice back seam, tried the dress on - and: too wide!
Now I will proceed to the skirts, and to the lining, perhaps it will adjust itself as soon the rest is out of basting...
4.1.05 10:13

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