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Gratis bloggen bei

Thanks to a dear friend I finally got pictures of my nice wee shoes!! And of the "Gefrens" (the silly-but-smart-looking-woolen-fringes_at_the_neck)

11.4.05 21:18

And here are some very nice pictures of 2005 Venice Carneval - we danced in this really marvelous city during two days!

Unfortunately (?) my green chaperon decided to finish it^s days in Venezia, I lost it in the Vaporetto, during a very quick boatchange... But it wasnt the beauty of the day, was it?
11.4.05 21:37

and there were shoes and pattens...

oh yes - there were!
I attended a shoemaking workshop last weekend.. - oh waily - my hands still hurt!

It was organised by dear Kaja and held by Stefan von der Heide - a nice and exactly working medieval shoemaker - it was great!

I used to know that shoemaking is quite a difficult task and takes a lot of time - but I never thought about the amount of work a single parir of shoes will cause!!!

Well - pictures will follow tomorrow - I am just too tired to update correctly tonight.

Just - it's about of 25h hard work. one day for the "upper part" - one full day to sew on the sole!!! Just think about that!

Well - anyway: I got my nice shoes - with exactly the same look as on the picture! Just the leather of the pattens (nay - not sewn my myself - happy me - Stefan did them)
11.4.05 23:22

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