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Well - I intended to attend a medieval market/camp this week-end, unfortunately something else (well, several interviews to get a new job) crossed my plans.
But I was still quite medieval - with dance repetitions and by sewing stockings! Well - for hot weather I have now a pair of nice white linnen stockings, I am now sewing another, light-weight linnen pair, while waiting the wool to dry...
Once you've got a pattern, sewing becomes easily again.

Other thing - I have found on the ZVAB the book: "Die Welt der Schweizer Bilderchroniken" (The World of the Swiss medieval Codexes - with a huuuuuge amount of really nice and really good pictures from the Schilling Chronics, and some *yummy* dress pictures of a Lucerne people dance! So nice - and happy me - it's only 20 Euros!!)

Well, I'll return to the sewing needle: Next weekend, I will (hopefully) attend the "Hinterweidental-Meeting" in Germany, and I do want to make a good impression on Helga. (Hej, I even got an apron now ;-) )

P.S.: Wasn't it Jane Austen, who was quite mad about stockings??
9.5.05 17:29

After a very hot medieval market in Zurich, I had a terrible headache, and decided to stay inside today.
I checked my computer recently, and found a long forgotten file with pictures by Robinet Testard - what I'd like to share with you!

Robinet Testard File

Most of the pictures are from the French National Library, shortly BNF, and that's the link to them:BNF Bibliotheque national francaise
The ones without the BNF-Sig are from the Russian National library in St. Petersburg
30.5.05 18:48

Well - speaking about the medieval market in Zurich - one of my friends (Bryda and Yaslaw) took some photos of our dancing on stage -

the first two pictures shows a "Ductia" - we had abour half an hour to train it - except me no-one ever danced a Ductia before, and they did all marvellously!!

The other four pictures shows me and Franziska (she was there only on Saturday) dancing a "Branle de Cheveaux". Well - it isn't really medieval - it's an Arbeau-Dance, written down 1589 - but it's nice music, and a nice dance!!

30.5.05 19:33

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