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Well - the Zeilitzheim event is already long passed, but I did receive today by lovely Cécilia.

I really like this dress - but the back was really hard to sew!
It's sheer white cotton muslin, all in all 8m of it
3.4.06 10:12

And a picture taken by Justine de Farinots' Daughter!

If you'd click on the link below
The lovely lady in the middle is Justine
6.4.06 14:17

Yet, something more "Roman" - Flavia reading to Claudia

Claudia is a member of the Roman Group I am part of.
She's a lovely person, and has by far the sweetest disposition I ever came across sofar :-)
6.4.06 14:21

some Venezia Pics

Together with David Cooke of the Pieds Gauches in the Entrance of Palazzo Zenobio - something to discuss

On stage at Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square)
The dance is the "Bouffons" during the "bastion"-sequence

And - me and Kiera repeating the Allemande in the courtyard of Palazzo Zenobio (well, all were repeating the Allemande, we are just in the front)

7.4.06 11:33


It is unbelievable - and I am very happy - but:
We (Aniela, Eva, Natascha and myself) are in the
FEATURED ATTYRE of Jennifer Thompsons "a Festive Attyre"

18.4.06 18:02

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