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Tournoël is a very nice and cozy castle in the Volvic Region (Yep - the very one where the mineral water comes from) - and is a castle of private property.
The owner started to rebuild the inside, and there are new floors, roofs, a working oven, fireplaces - well - a working castle!

The Brigandalha del Sènher de Vaùs was organising there a very fine event - it was really lovely, and we (Some members & recruits of the CoStGo) had a great time there, and enjoyed every minute (especially the Thursday night ;-))

There are some pictures of the event - on the Brigandalhas Blog:
Pictures to Tournoël Event
1.6.06 10:42

Some 15th century pics

The first two were taken by my dear Friend Lachfindel during the medieval fair in Horb. And yep - a new dress .

Fingerloopbraiding, Lachfindel needed something to attach her hat to her cap:


Listening to Eric Michelet, a Dulcimer player


Some other pics - dug out in the last few weeks:
At the HKB Event in March, sewing a belt to the houpelande (I forgot mine at home)


And - Tournoël, tabletweaving


20.6.06 17:26

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