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a summer photo shooting

With a small contingent of the Pieds Gauches we attended the Jugendfest Hägglingen - a youth festival.

After a day of dancing, we managed to get some staged pictures:

Attending were: Aniela, Andrea, Natascha and myself. Andrea mastered the heavy task of being there with two groups at once:
Me and Natascha - about skirt lenght (mine to long, her rather short)

Nataschas wonderful smile, and the fancy headdress!

from left to right: Aniela, myself and Natascha. Is there a current fashion in front V-laced kirtles?

My usual big headdress, but instead the veil down at the shoulders, its all wrapped around.

And this is the guy with the artistic eye (and camera lense) - Hannes aka Atall.
Fearful handsome, and so charming! (alas - he's married and has a son ;-))
20.7.07 10:47

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