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a summer photo shooting

With a small contingent of the Pieds Gauches we attended the Jugendfest Hägglingen - a youth festival.

After a day of dancing, we managed to get some staged pictures:

Attending were: Aniela, Andrea, Natascha and myself. Andrea mastered the heavy task of being there with two groups at once:
Me and Natascha - about skirt lenght (mine to long, her rather short)

Nataschas wonderful smile, and the fancy headdress!

from left to right: Aniela, myself and Natascha. Is there a current fashion in front V-laced kirtles?

My usual big headdress, but instead the veil down at the shoulders, its all wrapped around.

And this is the guy with the artistic eye (and camera lense) - Hannes aka Atall.
Fearful handsome, and so charming! (alas - he's married and has a son ;-))
20.7.07 10:47

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Flammi (20.7.07 11:58)
very nice pictures :-)

Elisa / Website (3.9.07 17:39)
Liebe Hitomi, schön dich wiederzufinden, nachdem Marceli meinte du seist 2005 umgezogen. Ich mach auch LARP, Reenactment und tanze MA Tänze mittlerweile. Gib mir mal deine aktuelle Mailadresse, dann schick ich dir ein paar Fotos und Links. Wär gut dich auf dem AM 2008 wiederzusehen. Elisa

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