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Gratis bloggen bei

Last Sunday I had the very big pleasure to visit the wonderful garden of "Schloss Schwetzingen" - somewhere near Mannheim (Don't ask me ever about German geography - I am absolutely helpless at that).
It was a very merry party, and I enjoyed it very much.
I absolutely adored Cécilias wonderful robe ŕ la Polonaise! She's always one of the best dressed woman in historic clothing, but I was really stunned when she entered the train that day.

My dress is, compared with the rest of the party 20 years ahead... I felt slightly science-fiction.
It is a new dress, but the cut is quite similar to the ballgown I sew for Zeilitzheim earlier this year.
The differences are: short sleeves, and overall slimmer skirt (only 3m). But as the fabric was an absolutely sheer swiss, so I had to work with 2 layers all over.
It has a bit more fabric to create a rounder "round gown look" in the front, and just a small train.
I think, worn with a small pad, it would be close to the achieved Heideloff look.

Well - but here some pictures.
More can be seen on Michaelas Site (Michaela is the lovely lady in blue)


and on Cécilias:





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