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TGIF! - Thank's God - it's Friday!

I guess it never was as true as today. well - at least, it's 6 o'clock - I am heading to my sweetheart.
I need his "critical eye" again.
Because - something seems to be wrong with the backseam...
And I made the jolly discovery, that I am happily out of lining fabric.
Okay- some people call me a witch - but please - why has my dress be bewitched to??
14.1.05 18:15

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caterina (17.2.05 09:47)
Did you realize rthat Maria of Magdalas sleeve ist fixed with a simple needle????? A big one with a pearl-head? I'd never cuddle a Weyen-Person again.....

Flavia / Website (20.3.05 23:44)
Well - some guy's who'd tried to embrace me once had also to discover that roses do have thornes...

(mine have like a shamrock on top :-) )

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