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Abegg Weydinchen - a Dress Diary

Last weekend I was very proud about finished seams, and tried it on...
And then - doom approaching. My sweethearts says all serious: "There's an ugly pleat on the back. On the right side."

I couldn't believe, but he was right!! Horror!!
Well, he was so kind, to pin me in again - at half past midnight. He never pinned someone in (He's doing Roman re-enactment, so fitting doesn't exist), but is quite skillfull.

Yesterday evening I was back at the side seams. And somehow it is a little madness in my mind, itching for sidegores!!

Well - today evening, I'll work the lining in, and hopefully tomorrow starting the first rows of eyelets... :-)

But it is this special "Phileas-Fogg-Fealing": Always behind schedule and against time...
11.1.05 12:40

Still on the sew.. The bodice backseam is neatly backstiched, and the skirtpart as well. But somehow there are still miles of basted seams to sew!!
A "Fata Morgana" dress?

But I finally decided: I will have fron lacing and side lacing. All with handstiched eyelets.
The side view shows eyelets, and the backview.
For the front of the bodice I'll refer to the sketch of the Brague Magdalena

But this is still miles of seams in future..(But I can proceed to the sleeves and the lining at weekend)
6.1.05 11:01

1 step forward = 2 steps backward....

I sew a nice back seam, tried the dress on - and: too wide!
Now I will proceed to the skirts, and to the lining, perhaps it will adjust itself as soon the rest is out of basting...
4.1.05 10:13

And that is a really really nice link!

3.1.05 16:16


There it is: A brighter shot of the dress!!!

3.1.05 16:08

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