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My green gown

This dress was my very first try on "authentic" work
- and I still like it very much!

The fabric is a very fine wool tissue, and I got it for an apple
and an egg. (well, 100% wool, finest quality, CHF 10.-/meter.
and it was 1.40m large!) I loved expecially this dark green
color - it looked like a wood and big trees and nice clearings to

The sewing was rather a mess.
My first time everything by hand - I never did so much
handsewing in my life! Then the problems attaching the skirt. I
wanted pleats - until I realised, that there were no pleats.

I managed it somehow to cut skirt parts - (but please - don't
ask me how - I guess it was sheer luck), sewed everything
together and was quite amazed, that the attached skirt
stayed attached to the bodice.

Oh - yes: The bodice. I cut the front a bit too low - so I can
only wear a very highnecked smock under the kirtle.
But it gives it a special touch, and doesn't look so dark and

The picture was taken in Berne - I look rather dump on the
photo - next day I celebrated my birthday at the hospital.. It
was a bit too hot for me. (The weather, not the gown)

There is a little thing about the sleeves left to say: You surely
have noticed, that they are just attached at the shoulders,
and that the smock is showing out.
No - no mistake. It is the italian stile what you can see at Sandro Botticellis plainly dressed lady,
or so called Bella Simonetta

Her skirt is already pleated - but look at the sleeves.

And - as written in the "about" section (über...) I used this
dress mainly for dancing - for this purpose it looks quite nice -
don't you think?

And, dances at the Bern-Medieval-Festival:

Again: Delémont. Sleepy sit-in by the fire..

A close shot from the laces- I am spinning wool

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