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From my Recipe-book: take half a pound of Fantasy- a pinch of "A" - add some tabletweaving, sew it carefully for several hours, add a smock, and, and we get a... nice dress ;-)

"Mittelalter-Fest" is a German word for about the same as a Renaissance Fair - just it's very fantasy-like.

For these occasions I wanted a simple dress, what didn't let me look like a re-enactor on the first sight. But it shouldn't be a "Arwen/Eowyn/Fantasydress".
I decided to sew a simple tunic, with tablet woven seams, and a girdle - as simple as possible

Strange enough I am often asked, if its a re-enactment dress, and I can just smile and say: No - it's fantasy :-))

it really is comfortable - and gets a bit the look of the dresses seen at the Codex Manesse

Left, my dress, the picture was taken in the court of the Château de Chillon , on the left a lady from theCodex Manesse and me again, shortened to street-height in Horb.

Here at a Needlemakers at a the Maximilian Ritterspiele zu Horb

And - medieval Lady meets King Théoden

This is again at Château de Chillon The picture was taken by my sister.. It really is amazing, how the same dress changes colors depending on who took the photo...

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