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A red practical 15th century dress - perfect for a dancer, perfect for a pilgrim


Just a quick picture shot, more to come- it is quite the rush hour by now:

13th August - finally a bit more time

When I started the dress, I decided to give in at last, and work for once after the highly praised "Medieval Tailor Assistant" - a quite a nice book, but the cuts are just _the_ real horror to work after! It looked quite strange, I was in a real rush to get it finished for the medieval camp at Freienfels Mittelaltermarkt May 1st.. There it looked like this:

Didn't fit at all!!
Well - remembering the "underwater-szenario" there - it didn't matter - everyone just cuddled into the tents, and didn't dare to get out ;-) - until the very last day - sunshine at last! here some more pictures of the group "Torechtes Leben"

For the Mittelaltermarkt in Luzern I worked on the lines - as it wasn't fitting at all, but silly as I was - I decided to work the very same day on my Schaube, as I decided to start with the Caminante Santiago de Compostela - My blog for this adventure (German only)

Well - Luceren was only one thing: Very very wet!
The poor lads and lassies from Freywild were completely soaked! (They slept in their tent on the marketside...)

I don't look very happy on that picture - but I was wet, and freezing and hungry and I didn't slept at all the night before!

For the Maximilian Ritterspiele in Horb I reworked the dress - now it's fitting quite well:

(Ignore the Camicia, my smock wasn't dry yet, I had no choice -but to wear the Camicia)

After I made my first 80 kilometers on the Camino, my dress is a bit too big again - but I lent it for the Grandson Fête to a friend, and as she isn't so bony, it is fitting quite well! I will remake it in September.. (Well, at least, I hope I'll do...)

So long!

Yes: Aren't we three gracious women?

from left to right: Irene, Sibylle and myself

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