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What is a "Gefrens" you would surely ask..

These three charming ladies on this picture from the "Schilling Chronik" - more precisely, Barbara von Erlach, and two ladies of her company - wear a "Gefrens"

A "Gefrens" are nice strings of colored wool, what you but on your head. Sounds funny, looks quite strange, and as usual on re-enactment - as silly something seems to be, the better it looks!

I have 1 in green wool, rather short, and one in red wool, a bit too long...And the red one. I wore my hair in braids, as fashionable at that time:

obviously, it was weared even without the Wulsthaube, as seen here

Looks really strange, but I think it is much fun as well!

Add: Last week-end was a huge event on the "Haute-Koenigsbourg" in France - and, I forgot my Gefrens! Horror! Shocking! No Gefrens at a CoStGo Event!!
So I^ve got moving, and made me a new one:

The silliest I got so far!!! ;-)

Stockings, Shoes and Pattens

Purse and Belt
to come

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