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ModaCostumeBellezza Nell'Antiche

That's the title of a past exhibition at the Florence Museo Archeologico, and I think it fits quite well with this section. :-)

Well - this doesn't have much to do with Renaissance Costuming, but I do want to show the periode I share with my sweetheart. (On Latin, I would call him "Lux mea" - my light.)
Why latin? Because the both of us are ancient Roman re-enactors...

Roman Costume doesn't need much brainwork - the tunics are quite simple and plain. For me it's more or less "day-off-work" - a bit tabletweaving, one or two hems, that's it!

Last summer, I had a white tunic (finest linnen), a babypink stola (very lightweight wool) and a green palla (thickly woven, but light wool, but still heavy enought to have nice pleats)- everything Rome-City-Fashion.

Nice. but not very useful..
I decided to give it a try, and make for once a provincial tunica:
Red linnen, and a woolen, tablet woven trim (I wove it myself). The palla is the same as before!

Great color, big space inside to put wool and bag and anything else in, and quite warm!

In Vindonissa, I met with some friends, the Thuata Helvetii , the Vindeliker , and the Cives Rauraci et Vicani Vindonissenses .
And with two guys from the Legio XI - Claudia Pia Fidelis ...

From left to right: Brianna (Vindeliker), Quintus (Legio XI), Rynaya (Ry, a Helvetien Lady from Thuata Helvetii), Quintus Quinctilius Varus Galili (Cives Rauraci) and my roman me: Flavia.

Anyway - here a closer shot to the tunic - the border is tabletwoven, after a so called "Cornelia-Pattern"

Well then -


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