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Gratis bloggen bei

It is just starting, but as visbible in the pictures after pictures Section it is not the first dress I made.

Usually one refers Regency to Jane Austen, Empire to Mme de Stael, Empress Josephine, in other words: White muslin gowns... (I've got one as well)

But once started to check original pictures and paintings, I did discover that I can easily wear dark clothes for everyday wear. It was just this "image" in my heid, what didn't allowed me to think more practically.

In the Haus zum Kirschgarten, a part of the Basel Museum of History I stumbled over 5 or 6 portraits of Basel women, all wearing dark blue gowns, with pleated fronts and a "Fichu" - a silk scarf.

see, saw, sewn: 14h of work, and it was finished.
The skirts panels are machine sewn - with french seams. The bodice, the garters, the "getting together bodice and skirts", and the sleeves are handsewn.

Last sunday I was at my Friend Lachfindel's Home and she took some pictures of me.

I have to redo the back, the closure isn't good. And I'd like to add an underskirt. But I do like the look!

Here I found another picture of our "pic-nic-group", I do really love Nataschas lilac gown! This color really suits her!

The white gown is made from a sheer wool fabric - the with puffed sleeves, and again, a gathered front, to give my bust an impression of 3D ;-)


The dark blue dress has got an underskirt, in a nice lilac-blue! and seven nice buttons and (nearly cursed) buttonholes... Have I ever mentioned, that I deeply dislike sewing eyelets and buttonholes??
Well - the dress is now really really finished, looks just nice, and I have itchy fingers to sew another one!!

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