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Gratis bloggen bei

I am usually in 2nd/14th/15th/16th century at home.
But about two years ago, I did fell in love with Jan Vermeers wonderful Painting: "Young Woman with a Waterjug" (1660-62)

I just simply love the cap, and the yellow jacket and the skirts!

There do exist other pictures of the same jacket
One in "The Concert" (1665) from the sides, and sleeve detail: http://www.wga.hu/art/v/vermeer/03b/23conce1.jpg

And a back shot in the painting "Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman" (1662-65)

And again, front view (without the collar of the Waterjug-Woman)"Officer with laughing Girl" (1657)

Now - I got started in natural dying, and it is itching me in the fingers to dye some really nice silk with bright yellow curcuma!
Do you think that the jacket's fabric's silk? Or rather a nice atlas-woven wool?
For the silk speaks: The Waterjug-Woman wears a big collar to protect the bodice - at least, it appears like this.

For the skirt - cartridge pleads and dark blue wool...
I would like to get a) the look of the "Waterjug-Woman", and b) get the appearance of a (upper?) middleclasse woman.


Thanks to Marquesate for this really splendid link

Special note to the bodice from the Victoria and Albert Museum London:

Quite a similar style - don't you think?

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